Gatsby Royal Latte Bubble Dye

I was really upset over my hair colour after the visit to a salon so I decided that I should get my hair dyed again. Imagine how damaged my hair is now. :(

Anyway, I bought this Gatsby bubble dye at the drugstore because there is a cute guy on the packaging the colour on the box looks really good. Yes, somehow I am a sucker for awesome packagings and Gatsby is well-known for their anime-ish colours. Doesn't the name Royal Latte appeal to you?

Comes with instructions in English, Chinese and Japanese. Surprisingly, leave-on conditioner was not included. Do guys not need conditioners?

My hair colour falls in the darker category and the after results doesn't look very bright so I'm not really expecting much change.

The bottles are all labelled so basically it's just pouring 1 into 2. I felt kind of cheated because this Gatsby dye is not like the Liese bubble dyes. It's the nozzle type but instead of liquid, it dispenses foam.


Now for the before and after photos...
Kindly ignore my fail face in the photos below~


In dim light indoor.

My hair looks like it's black with weird brown highlights on my bangs but it's actually a really dark shade of brown. :/


In bright sunlight outdoor.

Ok, the before and after comparison wasn't really fair because of the different settings and lightings. Oh well, I'm sorry.

In conclusion, my hair colour did get brighter (slightly) but it wasn't that big of a difference and nobody actually realised I got my hair dyed. :/ I think the dye will fade and the colour will look lighter in a few weeks time.

Lesson learnt: Don't visit cheap salons or dye your hair at home because most likely you won't get results/ the colour on the box, unless you have virgin hair and not looking for a big change. :)


After all that ranting, time for some camwhore photos~ ≥w≤
Photos are taken indoor with flash~



❤ Moon ❤ said...

Wowowow, so pretty! :D

ELEAN♥R said...

Thank you >///<

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