EOY 2013

It has been almost half a year since I last cosplayed at a convention, and this time I went to EOY as Serena (Heroine) from Pokemon X/Y! As an avid fan of Pokemon, I knew I had to do this! My cosplay might not be very accurate (spot the Batman sneakers) but I was never known for 100% accurate portrayal of characters anyway, haha.

With Farzana, who couldn't stay with us at the event :,(

Delphox (with the stick hahaha) by my boss Liang Yi

With Jennifer aka Tomoe!

I met a fellow trainer at the event!!!

And a very awesome Chesnaught!!!

Such cuteness will not be tolerated!

Met Vernesa after I changed out!

Here are more photos of my Serena cosplay at EOY!

Photo by my sister :)

Photo by Mario Chua Kai Siang

Photo by Tan Kian Leng

Photo by Weiqi Boom

I reached Marina Barrage at around 4pm with Piao Min, Farzana, Liang Yi (and her friend) and the day started out fine (even though I lost Serena's sunglasses and found it at the bottom of my bag the next day wtf). I'm really glad to know that many people could actually tell that I was Serena haha! My sister came over afterwards to help out and most of the photos in this post was taken by her. Thanks!

My wig became really messy (see photo above) halfway through the event due to the strong winds and slight rain. My hat even flew away LOL! Thankfully, it was picked up by Perry the Platypus and he returned it to me. Haha, embarrassing moments omg.

I am thinking of cosplaying Serena again for another event because my wig screwed up halfway through EOY haha. I'll see what I can do in future! :)



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