Luxury Babe 39 Brown Lenses Review

Luxury Babe 39 Brown Lens

This pair of lenses has got to be one of my favourites! I find myself repurchasing this design again and again because it is so simple yet very enlarging. I'm not a big fan of fanciful contact lenses haha. I mainly use Luxury lenses for cosplay (Eevee cosplay / Lolita shoot).

According to the Luxury Babe website, this pair is 14.5mm but has an effect of 16-17mm. This is a little confusing but it really enlarges my iris more than the other GEO lenses of the same diameter, perhaps due to the thick outer ring.

Luxury Babe 39 Brown Lens
I am unfortunately not blessed with even eyelids. Please don't mind them haha

Photo by Kyudotsg

As you can see, there is a very big difference with and without the lenses. The colour for this series (or rather for most Luxury lenses) aren't very vibrant unless in bright sunlight or flash, but that's fine with me. I would recommend this if you are going for the dolly eye look, or for cosplay! ☺



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