Hamsters Grow Up Way Too Fast

My two boys have grown so much (refer to photo below!) and that little cage they stayed in just isn't giving them enough space to run around so I've decided to make a larger cage! My dad did most of the work though hahaha.

Look at how much they've grown!

Here's the setup for the older (and smaller) cages. The two Wild Sanko cages, approximately 33cm x 20cm by 23cm each, are connected together by a Habitrail Lock Connector Tube. They rarely go over to the second cage and aren't active at all, unless the lights are out.

Little boy on the left has some oily fur, but he fixed it by rolling in the sand

This is how the new cage look like, with much much much more space! It's about 12 inches x 16 inches. I've also changed the wheel to a larger one as the hamsters seem too big for the previous tiny green wheel.

"You lookin' for something?"

Checking out his new ride

I've read on forums and guides that store-bought cages are usually too small and the big ones would cost a bomb. Being a first time pet owner, I still made the mistake of getting a way-too-small cage and the hamsters were probably stressed out due to the space constrain.

While I was at the pet store searching for a suitable cage, the assistant asked me how many hamsters I had and I replied "2". He then assured me that the cage will be fine for my little boys. I was so wrong to have trusted him! That aside, I hope my boys are happier in their new cage!



Marina said...

Awww they're so cute :3
I used to have a hamster and I loved her very much but she died :/

die caddü said...

So cute... <33 I had a hamster girl for 2 1/2 years now. (: She looked just as yours. A but grey, white and a swirl of milkchocolate brown.

I don't know how ppl can let their hamsters live in such TINY boxes. :(
Your new one is MUCH better and looks really clean and comfortable. (:

I'm interested in which camera and lens you used for there stunning photos! Would you tell me? (:

Many greetings from a longtime reader.

Cath xx

Eleanor said...

@Marina: The thing about having pet hamsters is that time pass too quickly. I'm sorry for your loss. I believe she must have loved you very much too :,(

@die caddü: Hey! Your hamster must be very cute! Yup, no idea why owners don't feel the pain when they see their pets confined in a small area with no space to run :(
I'm using a very old Sony A230, with a trustworthy 50mm lens! The 50mm lens for any DSLR camera would be able to achieve a nice bokeh effect :)

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